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A vision on mobility.

Mobilotoop is the first cross-over project of Design Platform Vlaanderen.

It is a research project that focuses on potential connections between people, vehicles, places and services that as a whole generate numerous new mobility solutions for all. Connections that will not only bring us faster but also closer to one another. (

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VIM (Vlaams Instituut voor Mobiliteit)

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FabLab Ghenk

Sayme Choi

Peter Baeyens

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Bram Boot

Freya Van de Gaer

Dorien Schetz

Raphael Coutin

Nik Baerten

Emiel Rijshouwer

Thomas Lommée

Jo Van Bostraeten

Andrea de Chirico

Sophie Rzepecky

Ines Fiegert

Nanu Youttananukorn

Dirk Wenmakers

Dries Callebaut

Christiane Hoegner

Mathie Royen

Charlie Wittuck

Giacomo Piovan 

Stanley Sagart

Elsa Carenzo

Dustin Jacobus

Aldo Cancino

Silvia Neretti

BC studies

Froukje van de Klundert

Hanne Eckelmans


Kristof Vrancken

Marc Wallican

Flanders in Shape

Design Platform Vlaanderen

Agentschap Ondernemen

VIA 2020

Mobilotoop envisions a mobility culture in which ...

… every ride is an encounter.

Each vehicle, part or borrowing is linked to data about designer, manufacturer, user. Thus each link, every ride - thanks to the necessary media - also means a link between people, between people and vehicles, between people and places. Because even in the streetscape parking and work sites form places for encounters.

… every exchange creates new value.

A borrowed vehicle properly used and returned, a perfectly delivered service, a smart adaptation to a design, … Each positive action gives your reputation a boost.  You can build on this trust, because you are rewarded for a good reputation by e.g. credits, discounts or access to even more types of vehicles, workplaces, etc.  

… every traveller is an entrepreneur.

Mobile media, flexible vehicle designs and infrastructure make it possible to do business everywhere and at all times. Whether it involves the delivery of goods, services or data, in Mobilotoop everyone is user and supplier.

… every vehicle delivers a service.

Everyone and everything is always a bit en route. Thanks to Mobilotoop we can combine more intelligently. Deliver a package on your way to work, collect sensor data about the quality of the road surface or the air … in the world of Mobilotoop mobility is more than movement.

… every vehicle part is a modular building block.

A metal triangle that firstly forms part of a bicycle frame, elsewhere forms the basis for a luggage carrier or storage furniture. An electric motor for a tricycle is used a little later as to drive a balcony hoist. For Mobilotoop, each part is a building block with several lives and every function is just a matter of perspective. 

… every lock opens a link.

A lock is a link that does more than protect. For example, it ensures that you can reserve vehicles and accessories, that you know where something is located, that energy and data can be exchanged, that a designer can see which parts are often used in combination with one another and in what context.

… every bit of information makes new solutions possible.

Data make the new world go round. Each Mobilotoop user, vehicle, part or infrastructure point uses and generates data. This cloud of data allows us to discover the best shopping route or taste pleasures, tells us who´s the best repairman in the vicinity, teaches the municipality where there´s work to do and family doctors how much movement we actually enjoy, how healthy the air really is.

… every power point is a source of energy.

Vehicles are simultaneously mobile batteries, parking and storage spaces, charging but also energy sale points, … In brief, Mobilotoop makes sustainable energy flow. In this respect as well everyone is simultaneously consumer and producer.

… every mailbox is a pickup point.

Ideally we determine ourselves where and when we receive deliveries. In the world of Mobilotoop, mailboxes are no longer per se bound to a given place or person, they are no longer limited to delivering but things can also be picked up there, they come in all kinds of dimensions and they give you a sign whenever it’s necessary.

… every house is a little makerspace.

New manufacturing technologies make it possible to produce at home or in a shared workshop in your own neighbourhood. Mass is no longer necessary in order to be affordable, so people go to work themselves in order to repair parts but also to design and produce new ones. Mobilotoop systems are thus in constant evolution.

… every street is a square.

The space that a street offers is too beautiful and too valuable to have only a single function. Every moment of the day has different needs: a market, a playground, an outdoor kitchen, a passageway, … Smart, social technology makes flexible infrastructure possible so as to make better and more creative use of our valuable space.

… every neighbourhood is a home.

Who knows a neighbourhood better than its inhabitants and local users themselves? The information that they share enables you to immediately feel at home even if it´s your first time there. Moreover we also see that, thanks to their knowledge, vehicles, infrastructure and services look different in a hilly quarter with narrow streets than they do in a flat neighbourhood with wide streets and esplanades.

… every city is an ecosystem

Mobilotoop vehicles, services, workshops : they´re nowhere the same. Only in this way do they offer the perfect answer to local needs. And only in this way do they match available knowledge and materials, but also infrastructure and services, such as public transport. Together they form a unique ecosystem of solutions.

‘open bike’ by Stanley Sagart

‘Tricycloog’ by Ines Fiegert & Nanu Youttananukorn

‘Mobilotopia’ by BC studies

Stop animation movies by Dorien Schertz, Raphael Coutin & Sayme Choi