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Revitalizing the street.

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Design methodology,

process moderation,

design & production

Project assistance

Project partners

Projet coordination


with the support of:

Special thanks to ...

Genk - 2012 and ongoing ...

Stad Genk

Innovatie & Design Euregio (IDE)

Thomas Lommée

Christiane Hoegner

Lukas Wegwerth

Martin Faerber

Giacomo Piovan

Lhoas&Lhoas architects

Gitzwart project management

Kristof Vrancken


Design Platform Vlaanderen, Agentschap Ondernemen

Vlaanderen in Actie

All shopowners and inhabitants of the Vennestraat for their input, feedback and frequent contributions.

Processbook 1

Processbook 2

Street logo.

Public presentation of process and first outcomes.

First implementations.


Intermediate presentation of first ideas.

The Vennestraat then.

The Vennestraat today.

General project introduction

The processbooks as public workdocuments that were available to the street at all times for quick browse-throughs and / or additional comments.

Workshop reports

Workshop documents.

First design proposals for the street (based on workshop outcomes).

First design proposals for several individual shops (based on workshop outcomes).

The intermediate presentation as a moment of dialogue with the street.

A logo for the street in order to shift the focus from the individual shops

to the street as a whole.

Logo variations for several individual shops.

Shops promote themselves as smaller parts of a bigger whole.

Processbook presentation.

Scale model of street entrance gate.

1/1 model of private street signs with integrated public street lightning.

A series of presentation plates for tasting.

To be used by all foodshops in the street.

The first tangible results of this elaborate participatory innovation process were presented to the public through a big street festival at the end of summer.

To be continued ...

Processbook 2

A series of objects and interventions that aim to reinforce the global identity of the street, revitalize the streetlife and facilitate the connection to the nearby C-mine site. Every single design proposal emerged out of a close and continuous dialogue with all stakeholders (inhabitants, shopowners and city officials).

(scroll down for more info)

The public presentation of processbooks, scale models and prototypes at the Conflict & Design Triennial as a katalysor for further implementation.

Presentation sheet of all individual street signs (signed off by the shopowners).

Each pictogram refers to what the individual shop adds to the street. This could be a flavor, a strong personality or even an exotic animal ...