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A small thought on a big wall.

A mural for the University of Ghent. The mural was part of a number of initiatives that the University undertook in order to support the ongoing climate summit in Paris.

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Ghent - 2015

Thomas Lommée

LUMAC signs

Studio Claerhout

University of Ghent

Never before have the possibilities for action been so abundant.

Never before has the potential to interconnect all these actions been so great

Therefore the time for putting the blame to those in power lays behind us

and the time for kickstarting small but massive action lays in front.

In a networked society the transition to a more sustainable living environment

will not only be realized by a handful of large-scale projects that are orchestrated by a few

it will also be shaped by a billion of tiny interrelated actions that are initiated by all of us.

In a networked society we, as citizens, have power.

we can influence decision making by posting, forwarding, grouping, choosing and approving.  

we can reshape our living environment by initiating, exchanging, sharing, improving

and building upon what was developed by those who came before us.

It’s now simply up to us to be aware of this new opportunities in order to exploit them to the fullest.

Thomas Lommée /