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A peer-to-peer model

for design education.

Enscimatique is a 'Studio Experimental' at the ENSCI (Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Creation Industrièlle) in Paris. It's objective is to make design students familiar with the mechanism of crowdfunding as a tool to realize their own future projects.

Within this context every student is asked to present one idea they truly believe in and design a crowdfunding campaign around it. If this campaign turns out to be successful, he or she is then offered the opportunity to realize this idea within the school infrastructure.

For a glimpse at the various crowdfunding campaigns sofar:

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Paris - 2012 and ongoing ...

Enscimatique runs over the course of a full academic year and is split up in two groups in which the 'campaigning' group is instructed by the 'production' group, who successfully completed their campaign in the previous semester.


Students learn to reach out.

- To propose projects that matter, not only for themselves but also for those who are needed to get them financed.

Students learn to calculate.

- To frame ambitions, set goals and budget their projects.

Students learn to campaign.

- To design attractive and understandable imagery before

  and develop clever communication strategies during the campaign.

- To bypass the larger structures when setting up their own initiatives in the future.

Students learn to review.

- To understand why a campaign was successful or not.

  (a failed campaign is not necessarily a failed project, students are rated on motivation

   and the willingness to learn rather than on whether a campaign was successful or not)

Students learn to teach (other students).

- to share the lessons learned and skill the next group on how to run their campaigns.

Enscimatique was initiated in 2012 by Thomas Lommée and Simone Buche. It is currently mentored by Thomas Lommée, runs in partnership with Kisskissbankbank, Europe's major crowdfunding platform and receives frequent reviews from leading experts such as Adrien Aumont, co-founder of and Grégoire Basdevant, former chief editor of Benetton's Colors magazine.

We all have ideas we like,

ideas we believe in.

Sometimes these are our own ideas we want to further develop,

sometimes these are ideas of others we want to collaborate on.

Way too often these ideas never happen because we lack the time or means to elaborate them.

Enscimatique wants to offer an environment for these kind of ideas.

An environment in which they won’t only be further explored but also realized.

Project development will happen through experimentation ...

... realization through crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding is a service that enables people to post their ideas online

in order to gather the support they need to realize them.

It’s a funding model that taps into the potential of a networked community

rather than addressing a few big partners to make things happen.

At the Enscimatique the design of your crowdfunding campaign

will be as important as the design of the idea itself.

Because we believe that if you, as a designer, know how to set up your own projects;

you will no longer have to wait for the perfect client to call ...

Apart from that, it will also force you to leave your comfort zone,

to not only design things from a pure personal interest ...

... but rather through dialogue with a whole community.

Therefor the Enscimatique format will consist of two semesters instead of one. In the first semester projects and partners will be defined, a crowdfunding campaign will be set up and proposals will be designed. In the second semester, and if the campaign turns out to be successful, the project can then be realized.

Throughout the whole process you’ll learn how to use design as a catalyst, a tool to draw people into your project, to make your idea more convincing, understandable and attractive to a wider audience so it can have maximun impact.

... but you’ll be able to attract the people you really want to work with, yourself.

Enscimatique student hand-out.

Thomas Lommée

Simone Buche

Adrien Aumont

Grégoire Basdevant

César Herada

Sophie Krier

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