We translate

emerging opportunities

into products and services

that are profitable,

ecological and equitable.

Building new intrastructures

on existing infrastructures.

In a society where the most inspiring ideas and images, from ingenious ancient techniques to brilliant new innovations are at most some clicks away, our position as designers is shifting from being inventors towards being observers, connectors and entrepreneurs.

Through a profound observation and systematic analysis of each component within our existing infrastructure we try to get a better understanding of the invisible synergies and short circuits that have been shaping our society until this day.

From these insights we then want to synthesize, to make new connections in between those systems in order to generate a series of integrated design solutions that illustrate more sustainable perspectives on our contemporary social and environmental challenges.

In the process of creating these restorative systems we are constantly shifting back and forth in between concept and action in order to test our ideas and further improve them. Through organizing workshops, materializing prototypes and publishing books and online applications we then want to introduce these ideas to the broadest audience in order to get the feedback we need to further improve our initial concepts and develop new versions.


Intrastructures aims at innovating current infrastructures, not by reinventing them from scratch, but by rearranging and interconnecting what is already there, by hacking into society in search for the perfectly odd connections.

Posted 27 oct 2007

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