and synthesis

drive our thinking process.



and publications

enable us to test, refine

and realize our ideas.

(scroll down to see the illustrated version of our design process)

We observe to detect the positive developments and interesting opportunities that are taking place today.

Therefore, we document and archive our ever-growing body of research into a central knowledge bank.

We observe

We analyze to structure our observations.

Therefore, we describe, map and visualize our research in order to get a better understanding

of both our physical and digital context.

We analyze

We synthesize to convert our analysis into concrete proposals for future models, tools and products.

Therefore, we innovate by making new connections in our analytical maps.

We synthesize

We collaborate to integrate external expertise into our proposals.

Therefore, we work within multidisciplinary teams in order to embed both social, environmental as economical incentives into our proposals and generate holistic solutions.

We collaborate

We materialize to test the feasibility of our concepts.

Therefore, we generate a range of prototypes that, as a whole, embody the evolutionary and systematic approach of our design process.

We prototype

We publish to communicate our vision and its practical outcomes.

Therefore, we visualize the design process and share our experiences.

We publish

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